Career and Technical Education

Center at Ellicottville

Animal Science

Animal Science is a rigorous two year Career and Technical Education program designed to explore the diverse field of animal science. Students will recognize the important roles animalsplay in society from individual ownership to scientific research with far reaching implications. 

Animal Science students will acquire basic knowledge and skills necessary for further study or entry level positions in animal science and related fields. This technical course teaches specialized and advanced skills in areas such as veterinary assisting, the care and handling of animals in a laboratory or veterinary setting, dog grooming, and kennel/pet shop management. Classroom opportunities include the development of animal handling skills and the study of animal behaviors through care and observation of animals housed in the classroom. This class also covers animal anatomy and physiology, care, behavior, breeding, body systems, genetics, training, and management of various animals. Business management and professionalism are a must and are practiced daily as the students run their own dog grooming shop and dog daycare. Course material is enhanced with hands-on activities that include daily lab/clinic and field trips. Students are encouraged to participate in FFA and SkillsUSA activities and competitions that will enhance instruction and provide the opportunity to develop leadership skills.

Topics covered:
Animal Care, Management, and Restraint (Rats, Guinea Pigs, Gerbil, Rabbits,
Hamsters Chinchillas, Ferrets, Cow, Goat, Horse)
Grooming (Introduction)
Animal Reproduction, Genetics/Breeding Projects
Business Management-Senior Operation of Groom Clinic
Grooming (Advanced)
Animal First Aid
Veterinary Clinical/Nursing Skills
Dog and Cat Care and Management
Health and Disease Control
Exotic species
Leadership and Employment Skills
Suggested courses for success in this CTE program, career path and/or further study:
Biology, Chemistry, Math, Public Speaking, ELA, Communication Skills, Business courses
High School Credits
Earn 7 credits including:
4 CTE credits 1 Integrated Science
1 Integrated ELA 1 Specialized Math
Earn College Credits
(articulated credit) see website for details.
SUNY Cobleskill
Alfred State College
Program Goal
Upon successful completion of the two year Animal Science Program, students will
have the basic knowledge, expectations, experiences, and hands-on skills vital for
future study and entry level careers within the Animal Sciences and related fields.
Projects and Experiences
In-house dog grooming salon open to community and run by students with instructor
Breeding project
Visitations to veterinary clinics, SPCA, zoo
Guest speakers
Daily animal care and clinical duties
Students are required to create a professional portfolio showcasing their knowledge
and experiences.
Students will be assessed based on participation and interaction in the classroom
laboratory as well as written tests.
The field work will be assessed on a daily basis through mentor/ instructor
observation of student participation, professionalism, personal appearance, ability to
follow directions and safety rules, willingness to learn, and interaction with clients
and pets.
National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) Exam in Small
Animal Science
May earn New York State Technical Endorsement on high school diploma
Local Employment Opportunities
Veterinary Offices Pet Groomers
Animal Rescue Organizations Pet Stores
Dairy Farms Stables
Related Career Paths and Potential Salaries
Small Animal Veterinarian - $64,744 Large Animal Veterinarian - $64,242
Veterinarian Technician - $ 40,550 Veterinarian Technician Assistant - $37,000
Veterinary Office Manager - $44,720 Kennel Worker - $27,000
Production Animal Careers - $32,350 Zoo Keeper - $29,000
Veterinary Assistant - $34,000 Feed Store Owner - $34,000
Pharmaceutical Sales - $104,000 Pet store worker - $30,000
Animal trainer - $22,942 Biologist - $39,859
Nutritionist - $50,590 Groomer - $30,263
Animal Control Officer - $17,077 Pet Store Owner - $233,600
Veterinary Dentist - $92,000 Wildlife Conservation - $39,178